Vasgos A Family Holding Company

Our history

Vasgos is the product of an entrepreneurial adventure started by Pascal Oddo in 1995. In France and abroad, this family holding company provides comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, company leaders and shareholders in businesses with a high potential for growth.

We work with SMEs through acquiring majority shareholdings as well as via venture capital funds and private equity. It is a strategic positioning that Pascal Oddo has employed since 1995 with LBO France— and even before, with Oddo & Cie.

The family office has diversified its activities in industrial and commercial companies, real estate and forest estate. The funds also include include a family vineyard, a subsidiary called Oddo Vins et Domaines, an international group working in wine production and distribution.

Commercial and Industrial Business

We’re majority shareholders in companies valued between 3 and 100 million euros.

Health, communication, products for mass consumption… while our activities are very diverse, we focus on high-growth sectors.   

Our values

Since its creation in 1997, Vasgos has positioned itself as a strategic partner of its portfolio companies. In addition to investments— the most important element in a business’ success— company leaders can count on our expertise to guide them along their journey.


In a time of permanent economic transformation, three important skills determine the success of an enterprise: reactivity, audacity and the ability to adapt. Vasgos maintains a commitment to perpetual improvement, researching the most competitive players and sharing knowledge with portfolio companies.


Who understands entrepreneurs better than other entrepreneurs? For his entire professional life— with both Oddo & Co. and LBO France— Pascal Oddo has cultivated a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His impressive experience is highlighted at Vasgos as he accompanies business founders who face an issue Oddo knows well: how to develop your own company.


Before joining the Vasgos adventure, all our associates and staff earned their spurs working at some of the biggest investment funds and large enterprises. Specialists in management and strategy, they closely track the various evolutions happening in their areas of expertise in order to create the best recommendations for the leaders of our portfolio companies.


Vasgos is family-oriented by nature: founded by Pascal Oddo, his daughter Lorraine joined the team in 2015. We hold this value particularly dear—especially in due diligence— and promote it often.


Standing right alongside company leaders, we’re in the thick of the action, addressing  challenges that arise in all of our sectors of expertise. Building leadership is never easy, so we’re always present to provide tailored coaching every step of the way.


To help build tomorrow’s companies, we place our confidence in the most ambitious players who are fueled by innovation. Their vision and (calculated!) risks will always be mirrored by our experts to bring out revolutionary products and services.


Our team

To kick off Vasgos’ investments and best accompany entrepreneurs, Pascal Oddo surrounded himself with a tight, experienced team of analysts and investment managers. 

Pascal Oddo


Lorraine Oddo


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Axel Oddo


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