The Vasgos Foundation

Changing the world through social innovation

The Vasgos Foundation helps and promotes social and sustainable entrepreneurship through two structures: Ticket for Change and Entreprendre&+. Our commitments are upheld through financial support and personalized mentoring. We concentrate our efforts on 4 or 5 projects per year to have a real impact on social innovation.


Ticket for Change

Created in 2014 by Matthieu Dardaillon, this “talent activator” helps each individual solve a societal problem. While many French citizens wish they could change the world, few actually take the leap. The Vasgos Foundation is particularly proud to join an initiative that allows a large number of people to achieve projects relating to social innovation.


Both a benefactor and incubator, Entreprendre&+ supports the growth of social entrepreneurship and accompanies engaged players. Each year, innovative projects are carefully selected and then supported for three years. They especially benefit from the rich experiences and financial resources of a panel of philanthropist entrepreneurs, including Lorraine Oddo, director of the Vasgos Foundation.


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