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Oddo Vins & Domaines Solidify an Alliance with Diva Bordeaux

December 19, 2018

Oddo Vins & Domaines, directed by Lorraine and Pascal Oddo, has recently taken Pierre Beuchet’s shares of Diva Bordeaux. The major shares of the wine trader belong to the Chinese company Bright Food; the rest are divided between Oddo Vins & Domaines and the current president of Diva Bordeaux, Jean-Pierre Rousseau.

Founded 40 years ago by Pierre Beuchet, Diva Bordeaux is an independant and international trading company with a solid network of worldwide partners, including Asia and especially China, where the wine market continues to grow.

The investment holding company Vasgos, founded by Pascal Oddo, has developed an international, family-run viticulture company with Oddo Vins & Domaines. It reunites vineyards in Provence, Spain and South Africa. It also holds a share in Les Vignerons Parisiens, the very first winemaking cellar in Paris.

This strategic reunion with one of the biggest international traders of French wine fits in perfectly with the international development of Oddo Vins & Domaines. For Diva Bordeaux, it’s a good opportunity to diversity its shareholders and enrich its commercial endeavors.

Lorraine Oddo, president of Oddo Vins & Domaines, Pascal Oddo, president of Vasgos and Jean-Pierre Rousseau, president of Diva Bordeaux are delighted to announce the deal, which will contribute to the growth strategy and development of Diva Bordeaux.

About Diva Bordeaux

Diva Bordeaux ensures the distribution and marketing of fine wines, young wines and deliveries for small vineyards and prestigious vintages alike. 91.7% of their revenue comes from export, with a sizeable amount of activity in Asia—particularly in China— in addition to sales in Europe and America.

About Vasgos and Oddo Vins & Domaines

Oddo Vins & Domaines is a subsidiary of the investment holding company Vasgos. Founded by Pascal Oddo, the group specializes in accompanying the business development of companies that have a high growth potential. With Oddo Vins & Domaines, Pascal Oddo, already an owner of vineyards in Bordeaux, returns to one of his first passions by developing a family-run, international viticulture company.

About Groupe Bright Food

Based in Shanghai, Bright Food is one of the leaders of the agricultural, food and drink industry in China. The company has established partnerships with companies in over 100 countries. They are the ideal partner for any key players in the agricultural, food and beverage industry looking to establish themselves in China. Bright Food became a shareholder of Diva Bordeaux in 2012.


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