Investment Type : Direct Investment | Year : 2020 | Country : France

Cobex sources and distributes on the French market the best brands of American craft beers, originating exclusively from Colorado. Colorado is the 2nd state in the USA with the most breweries but is best known for its know-how and the quality of the water used to produce these beers and other craft drinks.  Cobex  is also the first French distributor of  Hard-Seltzer  (alcoholic sparkling water). Since July 2020,  Cobex distributes  Snowmelt  at la Grande Epicerie de Paris, an alcoholic sparkling water (Hard-Seltzer) without preservatives and very low in calories created in 2019 by Upslope, a craft brewery internationally recognized for the quality of its beers. It is brewed in Boulder at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado at 1624 m altitude.