The Vasgos Foundation continues its commitment in Lozère

For the European Week for the Employment of Disabled People in November 2022, the Clos du nid and the Vasgos Foundation took stock of their supported employment program and inaugurated the launch of a tree nursery in Marvejols, in the presence of local elected officials.

In 2022 we supported 30 disabled people, worked with +15 partner companies, and 75% of the people had contacts with companies in less than a month

The Vasgos Foundation has been supporting employment and reintegration for disabled people in the departments of Lozère, Tarn and Aveyron for more than 2 years, by fostering local associations and projects, including Clos du nid and ASEI.

In 2022, 30 beneficiaries of the program were guided towards a return to employment thanks to local actions and the support of public and private authorities. Through the accompaniment and follow-up of these people, the objective is also to promote the cohesion and diversity of the teams in the companies welcoming disabled people.

To date, the fifteen partner companies in the program employ 20-30 year olds as well as 30-50 year olds or more, most of whom are physically disabled, in a diversity of sectors such as health and medical-social services, the hotel and restaurant industry, maintenance and security, industry and agriculture. Contracts range from internships or short-term contracts to fixed-term contracts of more than six months and permanent contracts, with 75% of the people assisted being put in touch with their future company in less than a month.

At the same time, a tree nursery sponsored by the Vasgos Foundation was inaugurated in Marvejols, dedicated to the development of trees, medicinal and honey plants for foresters, farmers and producers, to encourage local synergies for the ecosystem. This 800 m² space will be maintained by a nurseryman and two employees, from the launch of the first seedlings to the first sales, planned for the fall of 2023.

“The challenge is twofold. There is obviously a human, heartfelt stake, which concerns the socialization of the people we support. But there is also an economic issue, because Lozère is almost at full employment and certain sectors are under pressure. Faced with this problem, there are 700,000 recognized disabled workers in France. This is obviously a solution to consider. Without forgetting the social responsibility of companies (CSR)”, Patrick Julien, Director of Le Clos du Nid.

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