Get It Done

The Vasgos Foundation is committed to provide the children with better education in South Africa’s poorest neighborhoods

Developed by the Indaba Foundation, the Community-Rooted Education Programme (CoRe) is designed to support the training of early childhood teachers.

The CoRe program will be deployed in South Africa with the support of the Get It Done Foundation to fight against the negative effects of the lack of education in the country.

The goal is to train around 13,000 teachers and support 385,000 children over the next 4 years with an adapted Montessori method.”

Lorraine Oddo, Associate of the Vasgos Foundation.

“The values of the Get It Done Foundation and the CoRe program, coupled with our long-standing commitment to South Africa, give new meaning to the missions of our Foundation, which extends its action to support a strong local initiative: the training of future generations on economic and social levels.”

teachers trained
children supported